Kil'Jaeden Progression 4: Party in Pandaland

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Your request has been approved, Questina.
Wow I guess I need to actually update this now. Crap.
we still suck. i hate this game. i guess vizier down and stuff
Requesting an update/addition to the 10m progression list.

<E X A L T E D>
IGC: Ponjeez/Bigsav/Wollamfu

Currently 16/16 NM, 2/16 HM (SG and FA)
You're welcome. lol
Requesting an update/addition to the 10m progression list.

Like A Boss
ICG: Getlykme//Waft//Spankd

3/16HM (Dogs,Feng,Binder).
About a month behind schedule. But amber is down.
This !@#$ needs to be updated.
12/23/2012 01:28 AMPosted by Rueful
This !@#$ needs to be updated.

It is. Here at
<To Be Determined>
Contacts: Givo, Skarsol, Kantutahn, Dagoose, Fupafupa
TBD downed SG and FA in 10man normal.
TBD downed SG/FA/GS/SK tonight. 25man Normal.
sha down 16/16 farm time etc
Saw that HiJ, congrats. TBD downed Elegon 25man normal.
You need to update this, Sir William!

Stage Clear has slaughtered Heroic Zor'lok, Heroic Amber-Shaper, and Heroic Lei Shi within these past two weeks. So we are now at 6/6HM Mogu'shan Vaults, 5/6HM Heart of Fear, and 1/4HM Terrace of Endless Spring.
Real Talk Downed Garalon, Wind Lord, and Will on all heroic in the past 2 weeks

6/6H MV
3/6H HoF
4/4N ToES
took a 3 week break. did heroic protectors and lei shi.
Wtb updates
1st boss in HoF 10man down

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