Kil'Jaeden Progression 4: Party in Pandaland

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09/22/2012 04:38 PMPosted by Ceniebaby
SWBRB gonna get those world firsts bros!
requested le sticky
<Land Sharks>
IGC: Huggz, Sevendot
Updated. Sticky/report, yo.
Hey! Wheres Village id- *shot in the face*
Was this a KJ Sniper Squ-

*dying breathe* joke?
09/24/2012 02:38 PMPosted by Avánii
Hey! Wheres Village id- *shot in the face*
Give me VI's info and I will add it to the thre-*sniped*
Up. Help me get this one stickied and ready to go before raids are released!
let's get this stickied people!
bumpin dis post
09/28/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Flypadelphia
bumpin dis post
Sticky requested
All In rep here. Going into MoP Divided by Zero changed leadership and therefore decided to change our name.

We are now All In. Here is our information.

<All In>
ICG: Shotime, Ekiv, Sturma

Good luck to everyone in the coming tier, and good luck on server first!
Reported for sticky!

Thanks for doing this!
Hey Therech :3
Bump because it's my birthday and I can. Also farmer mog on a panda looks awesome.
Happy birthday.
How is this not stickied yet? D: You're the worst. :(
Blasting Off Again contacts: Rueful, Ruie, Excellere, Daviez

I requested sticky, liked, and bump!

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