Kil'Jaeden Progression 4: Party in Pandaland

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FHF 5/16
Why isn't this stickied yet? I hate you people.
stage clear 6/16 in 10 man (fake mode).

I'll update this Monday night! Good luck.
Vault cleared 6/6

whoops. killed emperor 25m a couple hours ago
weekend pandas 5, trying for 6 before reset....
weekend pandas 6/6 normal clear!! yay!
5/6 Normal Blasting Off Again for our 10M.
Tomorrow night starts our 25M raiding. WOOT, excited.
<All In> cleared 6/6.
Up. I forgot to update this. ONE DAY THIS WEEK I PROMISE.

also sticky this mother
Blasting Off Again
3/6 Normal for 25M
5/6 Normal for 10M

We're not worried about completing the ten man since we are focused on our 25m.
BoA #1
Updated according to wowprogress.
BoA is 3/5 25M as of last night.
4/6 Normal for 25M

ma bff rech alrdy knows but heroic four dogs down

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