Just funny drama with Kag

Bleeding Hollow
So a lot of you are obviously bored with this, so those of you who are - THIS THREAD ISN'T FOR YOU.
I just found this kind of funny (the conversation in general). I thought I'd share for the people that also found it funny.
Explanation: I whispered Kag to ask how I lied, just to see if after he had a week or so to stew on it, if he'd admit that I truly didn't lie about anything. Instead he randomly says a lot of random stuff, NEVER explains how I lied, and then tells me that I can't be serious about the issue. I found it funny.

Part 1: http://oi45.tinypic.com/sqqwjd.jpg
Part 2: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=103xtg9&s=6
Part 3: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=6jja77&s=6

The way that he legit can't understand the question "How did you lie" is just really funny to me. It's literally like I'm talking to a guy whose taken a bottle full of pills and hasn't slept in 4 days.

inb4 people complain that Kag drama is old. I know it's old, but it's all we've got on these forums right now.

http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=flhu1e&s=6 LOL
That about sums it up Raik.
This thread is funny though :o
09/23/2012 01:51 AMPosted by Pinkrangerz
This thread is funny though :o

^ The only reason i ever check the forums anymore :)
aphrodite #1 cutie
Jerry! Jerry!
09/23/2012 02:38 PMPosted by Aphrodíte
This thread is funny though :o

^ The only reason i ever check the forums anymore :)

Same here, lol.
Pink...I hope your guild grows. At least someone intelligent and logical would be leading the ally wpvp. Because i don't have to ask this question to you as often...

"You Kag, bro?"

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