hammer of righteous

anyone else sadden how weak it is now.full heroic ds gear and only hit for 2k. i know blizz made it so tanks need vegence to do any damage. just so sad how ANY of the ability hit so little. without it
I love when people !@#$% about a spec ,not really intended to be a leveling/questing spec, ^-*!@ about how much it sucks to level/quest in said spec.
i mainly talking bout hammer of rightous ability. it needs a buff. even with vengence the damage is low. theramore fall aint much of a event to talk bout it. but u dont get crap for vengence in it, so my overall damage is still low. dont think i ever see hammer hitting more then 3.5.

also with all the changes anyone think getting hit/exp caps gonna be needed in mop?
Theramore mobs do jack for damage. Pull more groups, get more vengeance.

Hit and expertise caps are already needed for tanks.
I like how some people assume everyone who rolls a prot wants to raid with it. It seems retarded to me to design a tank class where having avoidance (dodge/parry) hurts your ability to tank or do any dmg. This makes it horrible for people like me who have fun soloing lower level dungeons/raids or anything other than end game 10-25 man content.
Actually that's Blizzard's design. Their balancing point for vengeance is raid boss damage.. even some of the raid trash isn't causing enough damage for serious vengeance.

Not having real tanking gear at lower levels has been better for a long time, just because the mobs in lower level content just do such low damage. For soloing at higher levels, select dps gear has been better than tanking gear for a while as well.

Hell, even back in BC, I remember our tanks taking off multiple pieces of gear so that they could get enough rage while tanking 5-mans because they just had too much mitigation to tank properly while wearing full gear.

I have an xp-off 63 paladin that I solo with, and the tanking gear just is not at all as good as dps gear... and that was before 5.0 hit.

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