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I am about to start a new tank and healer and would like to know if leveling just in dungeons with full heirloom set would be faster then questing and doing dungeons?
The answer to your question is: "initially, yes, but down the line, probably not." In low-level instances with full boa (including the ring) it is possible to gain even two levels in one instance, maybe more. You can actually outpace the instances and not even run all the dungeons.

But up around B/C level and certainly by Cata this is no longer true. And once you have completed the quests for a dungeon, there is very little xp benefit to running the instance again. You get better xp rewards from questing.

Gear is another issue, of course. The blues from dungeons are better than the gear you get questing, but the drops are, of course, on the knees of the RNG gods.

However, but the time you get to this point you will have a double spec, and at least one should be viable for questing. You should be fine.
Thanks for the info. So would it actually be more more proficient to just get dps heirlooms and quest and dungeon?
People generally say that a combination is best. If you are comfortable tanking, get tanking boas and start q-ing for dungeons as soon as you can, the insta-q's make this very efficient. Once you hit B/C, add in questing once you have run each instance once, to supplement your xp. Generally your tank spec will be fine for questing, because the boa gear will allow you to pump out a fair amount of damage. from there up, a blend of dungeons and questing is the best.
Personally I would do the following.

Run every dungeon once. This way you also accomplish the quests. If you don't have any dungeons to run that have quests just do normal questing.

I leveled as a Healer with a DPS and we went this route, leveling very efficiently.
When I leveled this very warrior I just grinded dungeons constantly, begin a tank that is.
At this time I hated questing and didn't like the long walks so I sat in org getting instant ques and leveling like that. It was pretty fast paced. The group is only as fast as the tank right? I believe I started noticing everything slow down around level 70. From there I wasn't happy with the XP dungeons were giving me so I started questing.

So what i'm saying is leveling through dungeons can be pretty quick if you are a good tank. Questing could be better though. Like everyone says "Do the dungeon once for the quest and continue with questing outside of dungeons".

Personally I had a blast chain pulling everything!

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