Help w/ "CMD", "OPT" and "SHFT" modifier keys

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Hey guys,

Running into an annoying issue with my G700 mouse on my macbook. I have the buttons assigned correctly on my mouse, but either WoW or the mouse isn't playing nicely to bindings such as this example:

1. mouse button is assign to the letter P
2. In bartender I hover over an ability and press the mouse button.
3. It successfully binds that ability to the letter P
4. When I try to bind another ability to anything like "SHIFT" + mousebutton (P) it isn't recognizing the modifier key and just overwrites the other ability bound to P

Has anyone had this happen and have some advice on how to resolve this? I am stuck on my macbook for the next few weeks & it renders me almost useless w/o modifier keys working.


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