Dies Iræ - Horde-Area 52 is recruiting!

Area 52
Dies Iræ - Horde-Area 52 (level 16), is looking for more members. At our core, we are a strictly no drama guild, and are looking for both raiders and non-raiders. We are 8/8H DS, and are going to be focusing on solid progression moving into Pandaria. Currently, we have a full 10man raid team, but are looking to expand to a second 10man team if there is enough interest. This second team would be completely separate from the first team (i.e. not an alt run), and will be pushed to progress as much as the original team. We also seek social members to particpate in guild activities such as world boss kills, older raid achievement runs and other social events.

Interested raiders should head over to http://dies-irae-area52.enjin.com and fill out a raid application. Casual raiders can feel free to contact any guild member for an invite. Questions should be directed to me, the recruitment officer: Benthum (battletag: Benthum#1419) or can contact the GM, Ormi (battletag: Ormi#1911) with any questions.
As a quick update... we are now guild Level 25!

Also, Raid times are 9:15 - 12:15 EST(server time) Tuesday and Thursday

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