Please improve fireball + frostbolt graphics!

Please, they're still the same old ones and most classes have received cooler looking spells. At least increase the size of the tiny fireball / frostbolt projectile!
Oddly enough, the only graphic/animation that bothers me is probably Dragon Breath. I'm sure it's just me, but I never liked the "dragon head" effect. I've always wanted my guy to actually breath fire... kinda like Dhalsim from the Street Fighter franchise.

Minor glyph, perhaps?

But, yes, it would be nice to have some nicer lighting effects on Fireball... I don't really mind the projectile itself.
I agree that frostfire probably needs an update, but if we're going to talk about out of date graphics, let's take a look at frostbolt. Atleast fireball got a semirecent audio change.
To be fair, Fireball was actually upgraded (graphics wise) some time ago, can't remember when. The old version looked like a tiny little rock flying to someone else's head.
I remember that Hottea. It must have been the Wrath beta as I wasn't in the BC beta, and I remember immediately noticing it. Anyway, they both look mostly blah, but I really like how frostbolt looks :D Some things you don't need to change!

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