New Weekly RP(PVP?) event? THERAMORE HO!

So, with all the hubbub leading up to MoP I think it'd be a good time to announce /Horde's new RP event that we can (hopefully) get going with the start of the expansion.

Where: A black and gold ship off the coast of Theramore, docked on a small landmass with a campsite already made

When: Saturday evenings, 8:00 to 9:00. Times subject to change when we feel like it.

Why: Money! This Steamwheedle vessel will dock once a week to offload goods and host an open bar to encourage patronage.

Who: Anyone! Horde and Alliance alike are welcome to attend, although we ask that you keep the major fighting to the warzone we're conveniently offshore of. House Ravensong have kindly agreed to help run the Alliance side of the event.

You said something about PVP?: We're offshore of Theramore, go nuts! Once you have any strong killing urges out of your system, feel free to swing by for a drink or two.

Any up-and-coming crafters or vendors are encouraged to come and set up stalls hawking any wares they might have.
I'll probably be helping to put this together, though Darrethy himself will most likely just be a customer.
inb4 every single ally gets a hard one and slaughters my 90k hp horde rogue ill be leveling on sight
09/28/2012 10:31 AMPosted by Saturn
I just wanted a confirmation to see if this was still on for tomorrow?

Yep. The PVP portion probably won't be too developed since not everyone is 90 yet, but we'll be there with plenty of booze.
This is happening RIGHT NOW!
Excuse me... just who are you calling a Ho??
Pssst. This is planned for tonight if people want to show up. Otherwise I'll just keep hacking away at 90.
As always, we'll be here tonight.
might try to make it, but wrist is definitely an ongoing problem, both with RP (cannot type quickly) and overall game play.

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