felguard vs wrathguard

So I was wondering what would be better for pvp should i go with grimore of supremacy for wrathguard or grimore of service for double felstorm with 2 felguards. Sorry if this thread already exists because if it does then my googling skills are sub-par.
ideally neither - fel hunter all the way but since i'm going to guess you are dead set on demo, wrathguard at first glance as more hp and total damage, the take away would depend on how much damage service's felstorm actual does.
Well i plan on going afflic main but i do want to mess with demo it's much more fun! :D
There has to be more warlocks than just me and darkspellz :(
Eh. I like wrathguard because of the stun and him doing 20% more damage than the fel guard.
The felguard already has axetoss for stun so I'm not quite sure what you're talking about Lavinia.
I think 2 bladestorms would put out more burst damage.
The wrathguard brings a 25% MS compared with the felguard's 10%.
You are correct now that I look at it Kelvaren that has never really mattered to me because usually before you pop all your cds on someone you would cc the healer unless they have no healer or a really bad one. But maybe that's just me because healers have outhealed my damage from insane circumstances before. :)
I think I'm going to go wrathguard anyway. 1. one less button to push (grimoire of service) 2. I can get glyph of felguard and have it dual weild Sul'thraze the Lasher
This should be in the warlock forums
Well it's for pvp so I thought it would be okay but whatever.

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