New 85 mop question


I hit 85 over the weekend and am wondering whether I can go and quest in Jade Forest with these quest green/blues? Also, I have only ever played as Arcane. Is this viable leveling spec?

You will have trouble killing mobs to a certain degree (the biggest problem will be that you will quickly fall behind the rest of the pack which will kill faster than you) but it wont be a very big deal and you will quickly replace your gear with MoP gear.

As for leveling specs, arcane is *viable* but it is not *optimal*. You will have much better results as frost, but that means learning a new spec.
You won't really have a problem at all. Get a lot of the defensive abilities and knock out a few quests and you'll be in MoP greens in no time! I recommend frost for the elemental, but go with what you want.
Thanks for the help guys!
09/24/2012 01:19 PMPosted by Infectioous
Thanks for the help guys!

Your fine, the new 5 mans will have Normal DS quality gear and the quests will get you nearly the same ilv. I would just recommend you try and stay in groups for questing because there will be a serious amount of horde farming hks.

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