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Anyone here going to be trying for them. Also how long do you thing it will take the quickest to hit 90?
I never do. Simply because I don't want to rush my game play or have the resources.

And I wouldn't doubt if there was 90 server firsts without the first 24 hours. There always seems to be.
Nope. Even if my horrible connection could keep up with the huge influx of people, I have neither the time or drive for such a rush.

I would assume we'll have a realm first in 1-2 days. Though first fastest time should never be taken seriously, since almost always they end up being caught for exploiting or hacking.
will never have the chance, release is 3 AM for me and i will be asleep
On average its about 20 hours of leveling to hit 90 from 85, if you know some tricks or good leveling techniques and push on it could take you about 15 or possibly a little less.
Me? getting a realm first? Hah!
I will be going for first 90 priest on my realm - hoping to complete in less than a day. No exact times thought out, just doing it. Assuming 15 hours maximum.
I will say that time will definitely be stretched with the inability to use flying mounts - but at least I have my blue dragon to run around on. :)
I level quickly, but I could never do that. I hear most of those that go for that stay up for 8-12 hours.

I would die /=.
Im trying for it.
I don't plan on going for any server firsts, 3AM launch time, and work the following two days will put a botch on that.

Takin Friday and Saturday off though (hopefully long enough for the servers to stablize). This will effectively get me 5 straight days to crank those levels out.

I will say though, I hope the leveling curve takes longer than it did in Cata going from 80-85, that was pathetic, and I seriously belive was one of the first nails driven into the Cata Coffin.
I'll make a casual attempt at it. However, my guild is giving away over 10k to the first person to get 90 in the guild, even more if that person isn't an officer, so I'll deffinately be doing that. Might try for realm first archaeology or something though.
My server is so crazy populated I have no illusions about getting server first. Now first 90 in the guild, that's a goal I'm shooting for.
I thought about going for the server first fishing achievement.

But then I carefully thought about what that would be saying about myself. I've since reconsidered.

However, being in Japan, the xpac goes live at like 4 in the afternoon, so. I really only have poor excuses. Hmm.
I play on Mal'Ganis.
on Alliance.

Yup. I got realm first druid last expansion. I plan to do so again.
Nah. I'll level as soon as possible, but I won't be taking time off or anything unlike most who go for those things. 3 days or so to 90 is quick enough for me.
I'm going for realm first 90 on this character.
I tried to last time for enchanting, but didn't get it. Realized the only people getting the firsts are those with 9billion gold who can buy their way or guild officers/leaders who use the guild banks to propel themselves to the top. Oh yeh and the people who cheated outright last time by somehow getting herbs/fish from the expansion before the expansion came out.

SO this time, while I will be leveling my stuff ..I'm not in the crazy OMG MUST GO GO GO on my professions. As for lvl 90..I probably won't get it due to not having the exp bonus for my guild. I'll live.

My guess is someone will get the profession firsts on day one (some of them at least) and the rest will pop up in the 30-40 hour window.
I was going to go for server first Archy, but I got voted into their dungeon group.

Edit:I should add that one of them is going for server first 90

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