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Guild Recruitment
Psycho Bunnies is recruiting dedicated raiders for the upcoming expansion.
We are currently looking for individuals to fill our 10 man team with a guild that has strong background of progression, achievements and leadership proven 25 & 40 man raiding success.

Loot is handled MS over OS random 100
Guild supplies all flasks, feasts and repair bills.
With over 250k in the guild bank and every guild perk, bank slot and progressive achievement displaying dedication, teamwork and proven success.

Raid times/days:
Friday: 8pm-12am EST
Saturday: 8pm-12am EST

Classes/specs needed:
Tanks: Brewmaster Monk, Blood DK, Guardian Druid or Protection Paladin
DPS: Any and all skilled DPS
Healers: Holy Paladin, Restro Druid, Holy or Disc Priest
*Any exceptional applicants are more than welcome to apply regardless of our class/spec needs. We are always on the lookout for great assets to the team.

What we offer:
Capable players and raid leaders who are willing to work with others!
Active Voice communications, Skype/Vent/Mumble!
Fully functional website and guild!
Humor to keep you entertained!!
Drunken PvE and PvP on off-nights, let the good times roll!!
Historical content for achievements and transmog, alt leveling!

What we expect from our members:
Be 18+ with few exceptions
Be raid ready (Gemmed, enchanted, properly spec'd)
Use common sense!!
Research your class, keep up to date on current content and class needs/changes

*If interested please reply here or message us in game
What time today would you be available to sit down and talk about recruitment and such?
today after 6pm ET
In addition website will be back online soon, we ended our raiding during early months of DS just now resurfacing for the new release

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