Ability question

Maybe im not looking in the right place... but i need help.

So my main spec is resto, and my off Boomkin. However, i noticed that in resto spec when i go into Bear Form i can use Thrash, but when im in Balance Spec I go Bear form and i cant find that damn spell!!! Is this intended? Am i blind? what the hell?
Erm.. I'm not home so i can't check.

I'm ASSUMING if Resto gets it then Balance gets it as well.

Check your spell book again :P They are in alphabetical order if that help! ^_^
i double-triple-cuad-check and is just not there....can someone confirm if this is intended?
Funny... I just looked in my spell book, and it doesn't show up. However, I have a macro which includes thrash and swipe, which I made in my feral spec. I hit that and it shows up in my combat log as hitting mobs with thrash.

Bug report IMO.
Thank you!!! Yes indeed it's a bug, I can cast it with a Macro but the spell is NOT in the spell book.
The spellbook shows Thrash as being Feral/Guardian only, so yeah, it's definitely a bug.

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