Olympus Recruiting for MoP

Hello everyone,Olympus is a laid-back very friendly guild. We are not hardcore but we enjoy getting down to business and getting stuff done in an organized fashion.

We currently are recruiting more members to fill our roster for 10 man MoP raiding. We are in need of 1 tank for our main group. As well as 1 melee DPS (Rogue pref) and 2 ranged (need a mage and a warlock)

Anyone is welcome although being in the guild does not guarantee you a spot in our core group, you need to earn that, if you are not approved for the raid group you can stay as a social member until you achieve the minimum requirements and knowledge to be part of one of our groups, be it core or alt.

The core group raid times will be Friday and Saturday at 7pm going on for about 2-3 hours each night.

We are recruiting 2 Tanks, 2 Healers and 6 dps for our second group.The second group raid times are still to be determined as it is currently non-existent. But i am expecting it to be something like Wednesday/Thursday at around 7pm as well.

We are also recruiting Serious people intrested in competitive dungeon challenges. aiming for gold on every dungeon and beyond!We will have a main team for this. currently needing 3 very skilled DPS. Possibly a healer if exceptional.

If you are intrested in joining please contact me in game through Real id at jordantheoret123@hotmail.ca
or battle tag Jordan775#1813
Thank you for your time and have fun.

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