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Hey all, just got my 13 year old set up for WoW, which he has been bugging me for for years now! I was wondering if there were any guilds out there that are mainly for parents who want to play the game with their kids and also know that they are in a safe environment when they cant play together.

I am thinking of starting my own with that purpose in mind and was just wondering a few things:

1. Are there guilds out there currently like this? Are they successful?
2. If there are guilds like this around, can anyone give me some insight as to the best way to go about starting one like it?

Obviously it would be a mostly casual playstyle with helpful members and a safe guild chat. Although I would love to be able to get some guild dungeon runs and events scheduled for both family times (with kids) and maybe later events for parents...we all need our "own" play time too!

Anyway, please any and all HELPFUL (trolls need not reply) advice or information would be great!!

Thanks tons,

My guild is basically for me and my family and if you do get a guild up and running i would love to fill in if you need any extras to help with dungeon runs or whatever. As far as being a family guild we are small we only have 20 members but it is just me, my kids, my husband, and a few friends. You need to make sure you screen whoever you allow in so you can be sure to keep you're guild chat clean and you need to set rules and need to be up front about them and enforce them the same for everyone. As long as you are up front with people most of them will be decent. I did have the guild open at one point but most people ended up leaving because we weren't big enough to raid and such so now i don't recruit. Good Luck to you.
Hey Kyrstana that sounds very similar to what I am trying to establish! Maybe I can get intouch with you or someone from you guild in game and chat a bit about the structure and the like.

Anyway, thanks much for the response!

Kind of an old thread but wanted to say that I'm looking for exactly this myself! Just started playing with my young son and would love to have a guild that was young kid friendly.
Cinabar, I have just made such a guild. Its called Haven Guard, Alliance side. Currently its just my son and myself, well an alt of mine that I play along side my son. (Alts name is Draymyr). I am still figuring out the structure as well as how to ensure its a safe environment for the younger players. I want to eventually start doing group runs, even training runs to help newer players get familiar with the dungeons, quests, or even just work out the nerves of dungeon running some newer/younger players get.

Ideally I would love to get some other events running such as scavenger hunts or other friendly competitions with weekly or monthly prize awards.

Anyway, again, anyone interested please leave me a message here or hit me up in game!

What a great Idea! If I played Alliance I would join :) Best of luck!
I'm interested in this same sort of thing on the Horde side... I see there are a few fellow BEs on this thread... I'd be starting an alt on any realm that I can find this type of guild on, so I'm certainly open to ER... we have two Horde toons on Aggramar right now, but that is where my main and most of my alts are currently and I don't have as much room there as I'd like... are there people here looking to put together a Horde family/kids guild?

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