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I just xfered my rogue to this account and then faction/server xfered my druid and for some reason have the achievements for my account wide mounts but dont have the mounts
Faction specific mounts do not convert to the opposite faction since the mounts are not attached to a single character, unless they are profession or race specific. Such as the Paladin mounts and the flying carpets that are tailoring mounts.
Stuff like mechano hog or travelers tundra mammoth arent working
09/24/2012 03:56 PMPosted by Gummeddupp
Stuff like mechano hog or travelers tundra mammoth arent working
Both are faction specific. The Mammoth mount due to the vendors on it, and the motorcycle due to the faction rep needed to even purchase the schematics for it.
Flatspriest is correct on this.
but i dont have my amani war bear or any other mounts
09/24/2012 04:29 PMPosted by Gummeddupp
but i dont have my amani war bear or any other mounts
Is the character with the Amani bear mount on the same account as your other characters? If so, have you logged into that character to add the mount to your list of mounts?
I just xfered it to this battlenet account I got the achievement but the mount didnt appear in my mounts. And i cant even get on it with the character i had the mount on
Mounts do not cross accounts when transferred.
really wow so i feel like i just wasted 25$ lol
This is incredibly frustrating. I spent a lot of time and gold obtaining my Traveller's Tundra Mammoth and my motorcycle.

I was unaware of these changes when I spent $40 on MoP, $15 for the subscription, and then $30 for the transfer -- $85 I would NOT have spent had I known that I would lose access to mounts that I spent so much time and money to obtain.

I'm playing one Horde toon this expansion to play with good friends, so this change means that I effectively lose access to my favorite mounts (which, by the way, are one of my favorite parts of the game).

Please, respect the time, gold, and money that went into obtaining these mounts, and provide an option to transfer the mounts over with the faction.

WoW's design decisions post BC have been frustrating enough (hence the game's declining player base) which is why I quit in the first place. Please don't discourage your player base even further with design decisions like this one -- design decisions effectively that lock players out of items that they worked hard to obtain.
If the travelers tundra mammoth is faction specific then why do i have the achv on my alliance but i bought it on my horde? yet no mount on my alliance.and i also have the grand ice mammoth which is not faction spec but its not on my alliance.
You can contact customer service through the phone and ask that your changes be reversed, move things back the way they were; although it isn't a guarantee the less time that has passed the better your chances.

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