Grand Marshal Shoulders not showing on Armory

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It looks like all iterations of the GM Plate shoulders aren't showing up (that includes the Knight-captain and Replica versions). Is there a fix for this? I look a little...weird, shoulderless. :P
I have the same problem. I contacted Blizzard on the phone and they didn't seem to be aware of the problem at the time. This was a couple of weeks ago and the problem still exists. I know of other players that are experiencing the same issue. I wish that this could be fixed.
Fixed! Yay! Took a while but it is fixed on the armory. It is still not showing up on the wow app yet but this is progress right? The good thing here is that Blizzard fixed the issue instead of continuing to respond to customers by saying "...check your video card settings..." Progress! Yeah!
I'm sorry this took so long. As stupid as this sounds it turns out the model asset for those shoulders has parenthesis in them, so some of the REALLY OLD scripts we have to get assets ready for the web renderer didn't copy them to the right locations.

On top of this updating the assets for the web renderer can be a really slow process. Sorry for the delay, glad to hear that the fix finally reached actual profile renders.
This is a great game. After 8 years it has gotten huge. I know it is hard to catch all the details. Thank you for looking out for us.

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