DK on Character select screen

Death Knight
They had to zoom out so they could show all the awesomeness that is the death knight.
bump. fix please. this has been annoying for a good 2 years now. if this was intended, it was meaningless and lackluster.
It's not broken, it's a different perspective.

Don't necro threads that were started a year and a half ago, with the last response being nearly nine months old. I swear, people go back pages and pages and pages just necro random crap.
It isn't a different perspective, its broken. Certain races look huge, others look tiny.

They really could fix this in a matter of minutes.
I know this is necro'd but as Manarri said, it's just perspective.
My character does look smaller compared to my other Undead classes and that's just because the way the scene was created. They put the camera really close to make it seem huge on the default screen, but for Death Knights the made it a certain angle to where they look weird. They only did that to show off the ICC background.

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