Thoughts on best aoe spec?

What do you guys think will the best dungeon AOE spec? Also what bomb?

I'm considering frost with glyph of Ice Lance, Fireblast and Living Bomb for easy uptime on LB and ability to focus on casting other spells instead of constantly re-applying Nether Tempest.
Probably will end up being arcane. Arcane explosion is a good on the move AoE, with it generating arcane charges and adding in ArB cleaving, its probably going to be the most dominant 5m spec. Sadly.
frozen orb... its nasty aoe.
Frost has no cleaves, Fire and Arcane do. Fire cleaves dots, Arcane cleaves Arcane Blast and gets stacks off Arcane Explosion.

It depends on the AoE you face--- if it's sporadic than I'd go with Fire and just impact combustions. If it's constant, go arcane to cleave blasts consistantly.

Out of Arcane Explosion, Flamestrike, and Blizzard, the only one that interacts with the spec is AE, so it doesn't really matter what spec you're in if you're going to be using these guys/
Frost has the highest burst aoe damage imo and is strong against 2 targets. Fire for consistent damage on 3 targets and arcane is decent for up till 6. For frost, use frost bomb>frozen orb>flamestrike>pet freeze to shatter frost bomb>spam ice lances with glyph = ridiculous amount of damage.
shattering a frost bomb is pretty sick aoe, but sadly in a group situation you can only do it reliably with pet freeze

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