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...but here's my realid (Fim#1396) so raid with me, maybe?

Attention mages and warlocks! At the risk of sounding like an infomercial: if you're seeking an ambitious, tight-knit group for 10man hardmode raiding, then SWARM may be right for you!

We finished T13 in March and then set our sights higher for Mists. Our goals for MoP: Top US 100 for T14, top 50 US by T15... and we can't do it without you! (Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic. We totally can, but it'd go much more smoothly with you!)

The basics:
-We are Swarm, an Immortal Gaming Network guild.
-Here's our website - Swarm-guild.guildzilla.com and IGN's - immortal-guild.net.
-We raid three nights per week during progression, 9pmEST-MidnightEST on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
-We add Mondays in for the first six weeks of a tier.
-We went 8/8H Dragonsoul, 6/7H Firelands.
-We raid Hordeside on Alterac Mountains, a US-PVP realm in the Eastern timezone, on the New York datacenter.

What we're looking for in a raider:
-You come prepared. Not just proper gems, reforging, enchantments, and your own food and pots (as a matter of fact, we provide all of those for our raiders!), but being mentally prepared as well. You have either experienced the fights on the Beta or PTR, or began watching videos as soon as they were posted to Youtube. You work on your rotations/spell priorities outside of raids, and come into them eager to push the limits and the boss kills.
-You have a team-first attitude. Raid first, always! Our ideal raider sees beyond the purples, and understands that gear drops are an upgrade to the entire raid, not just themselves. When you commit to our raiding schedule and standards, you hold to it.
-You have impressive class knowledge. We don't expect you to be on the cutting edge, writing your own spreadsheets, calculating your own haste plateaus and pioneering your class. We do expect that you keep abreast with class changes and are able to bring your very best to the raid. This means that you know and understand how your talents work, and tweaks to your spec you can make on a per-fight basis. That your understanding of the class is comprehensive and that you can play at least one of your alternative specs well.

Also, just to be clear: We plan on being 90 and raid-ready by this coming Tuesday, Oct 2nd. If that is not something you can/care to do, please pass this post by (or give a free bump because you love me)~*

What you'll find with us:
-A group of guys (and lady) that log on each night for the love of the game - not out of a sense of obligation.
-A group that pushes hardmode progression, and are constantly trying to better themselves as players.
-People who have become friends with one another, that talk on facebook, text during the day, and hang out outside of raids with each other.
-A guild that is part of the Immortal Gaming Network (currently immortal-guild.net), an online community of gamers that have a presence in nearly every major MMO. Pretty much: In the world on online gaming, you'll never roam alone!
-Players that hold themselves and the guild to a higher standard - yes, we all have foul senses of humor, but we are not trade trolls. In interacting with the online community, we are respectful of other players and guilds, and, when pugging, are typically the guys that get asked back.

Sound like your kind of crowd? Add me to realid - Fim#1396, throw an app in on our website, Swarm-guild.guildzilla.com, or find me Hordeside on Alterac Mountains to chat!
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...but here's my realid (Fim#1396) so raid with me, maybe?

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