Halaaaaaaaaaaaa! (edit)

Emerald Dream
You are all invited to Halaa tomorrow night 8 server for a Battle Royale!!! Little something before we all settle into MOP leveling.
Come one come all get your brawl on.
Spread the word on other realms. ;)
Alliance Cowards didnt dare rear their Horned, bearded, blue, apelike, little heads.
Perhaps they were busy knitting......
Tea parties and crochet no doubt. Had some corss sevr action but they were fail me and one guy from twitching nether took out 5 of the repeatedly
Eh, I farmed sissy !@# candy people like yourselves over there the other day for hours. 211 tokens and now I'm trying to leave room in my bags for pandaria so ill let you have your moment of glory.
So you wear the Argent Crusade Tabard, but are trying to entice death and war between Horde an Alliance? Horde scum, seems someone has betrayed the morals of the Argent Crusade. Karma is not on your side walking pile of bones.

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