Horde Priest LF raid guild 8pm+ server time

Please disregard my forum avatar and character. Move past it :)

Hello Tichondruis,

I am a Discipline Priest of the Horde looking for a professional raiding guild that raids at night 2-3 times a week anytime after 8pm server time. When I say professional, I don't mean the best guild on the server, I just mean a business like approach :) WoW is a game, so I love to have fun, but when it comes to raiding I would love to be apart of a successful guild.

I really like the guild I am in now, but their raid times conflict with my schedule. I work until 7pm server time five days a week.

I have played WoW consistently since TBC expansion started and consider myself to be an experienced, smart leader who studies the game and truly cherishes it for what it is worth. I only need to be told something once. Most importantly, I am looking for a mature, laid back, but serious-when-need-be guild that I can call a home. I wish to be able to make friends in this guild that I can look forward to seeing online when I log in.

Raiding, Challenge Mode Dungeons, and PvP are all very important to me.

If you feel like your guild could use me in their rotation, please post here and we can talk in game :) I have a day off today, so I will be monitoring this thread throughout the day.

I look forward to talking to all of you and thank you for your time.

For the Horde!
Um, you're a shaman.
I used a different character to post.
I am a GM for Death's Barter, we are planning on raiding two nights a week from 8:30 to 11:30PM Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We are also PvPing (RBGs) Thursday and Mondays same time. Any other time we are pretty active in leveling and 2v2, 3v3 and such. You can also find me on my Paladin "Shifa" or look up Dropded. Thanks and good luck!

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