Back in my day...

Yeah, random thread, but I thought it couldn't hurt to post a light hearted thread here, since we have a lot of hate coming from outside the forums.

When did you start playing your mage? What do you remember about playing "back then"? If you just recently started, what's got you wanting to play the mage?

For me, I started play in Classic. Warcraft realms has this particular character first listed on August 14th, 2005, only about a month after Battlegrounds were released and just before the ZG plague... The cities were lined with skeletons... I remember having to run to my brother, a paladin, who was cleansing anyone who ran by him. He wasn't raiding at the time, but I was.

I also remember wanding the bosses for mana after a paladin had judged wisdom... Which they had to do from melee range, back when holy paladins were considered more along the lines of battle clerics than true healers.
I think I started around that time too, although I had made a warrior first. I loved the utility and the 'slipperiness' of the class. I loved fighting alliance while leveling. I hated warsong gulch, we would lose a lot and flag-stalemates meant gaining rep with the ws outriders was a crawl. I loved arathi basin though and got to revered before level 40. At times I would level through entire brackets on marks of honor turn ins. At lvl 39, I queued a game, hit 40, bought my mount, and then was the only lvl 40 with a mount in the 30-39 game, which was fun. I really loved pvping in contested zones, and hitting 60 leveling in the plaguelands. I only dabbled a bit in raiding, I did a few UBRS, molten core once or twice, and a few ZG instances. The world dragons scared the hell out of me and I was always sad I missed the chance to take them down. At 60 I spent most of my time in battlegrounds, eventually hitting the rank of Champion. Having played warcraft 2 as a kid, visiting the dark portal and actually exploring azeroth was one of the high points of that time.

Eventually I quit during the Pre-patch for tBC because I hated the class changes. Ended up playing Eve Online.
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hitting 60 leveling in the plaguelands

I actually ran out of quests to do and had to farm mobs at Gahrron's Withering to hit 60.

Classic Warsong has so many memories for me. On my server, we had a rogue named Pokelink who would get the flag and somehow, without fail, always managed to get the speed boost and sprint his way across the field before we could do anything about it. We had another rogue named Vicefox who would do the same thing, but he came with a warrior bodyguard Greyfoxx... Good times.
Mage was born back in BC.

I remember when frost was actually fun and WE wasn't perma.

I also legit miss the old big talent trees that let you actually chose a pvp vs pve spec.

I also have an endless list of fun pvp memories from bc/LK but I won't bore you with them all.
I started playing my Mage and WoW in BC, but I reached ~ level 67 before WoTLK, so my first true taste of end-game was Tier 7 of raiding in WoTLK. I just remember being a pretty bad raider back then, as far as mage mechanics go, I really don't remember much, unfortunately. I do remember the zombie event though, and having no idea at the time of what was going on.
Oh all kinds of stuff. One of the most hilarious memories was me dinging 20 in Redridge and finally, FINALLY getting blink. And then I would just blink all the time. You didn't get a mount until 40 so moving around was super key. And then I would keep trying to blink in real life. Like, I'd be walking and be like "I need to be over there" and would attempt blinking in my brain, which of course didn't work but would confuse my body. So silly.

I started playing in maybe July or August of 2005.
I remember duels where you could use rank one frostbolts, those were the days...

I started playing around two months before BC came out.
I made this guy in late 2006. Fond memories of having to drink after every couple of mobs. Then I discovered aoe farming at Sorrow Hill.

Fond memories of making food and water 10 at a time for the entire raid as well.
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I remember duels where you could use rank one frostbolts, those were the days...

Cause it had a faster cast time and lower mana cost, but the same slow! Oh WoW, so broken and yet so lovable.

What I dreaded most back then was making food AND water, SEPERATELY, for everyone in the whole raid, and buffing people individually with Intellect before it became a raid-wide buff... That cost 1 Arcane Powder, which is now a grey item floating in my bank.

My favorite place to AoE farm, for some reason, was Zul'Mashar. All those graves already in a nice clump, ripe with zombies for the pickings.
Started playing about 3-10 days after TBC launch, remember my first raids ever as my mage. Karazhan and Gruul's, not knowing what the hell was going on, getting asked to mage-tank.

I remember pvp back then as frost - required true finesse and quick reactions, which I miss. I don't like the inflation of stats/numbers now, 1000+ stam on a piece of gear is ridiculous. I'd rather head back to those days.
back in my day, you didnt get a mount until 40...

you want me to meet you where? ok... afk 8.5 minutes for flight...

ah.. crap i dont have that FP...
Late vanilla for this character.

Anyone else remember Detect magic?

Also 40/0/21 ... best spec ever.
back in my day, you didnt get a mount until 40...

you want me to meet you where? ok... afk 8.5 minutes for flight...

ah.. crap i dont have that FP...

This. More often than not but I had to mount and ride for at least an hour before I reached whomever was asking me for a port...

Grinding was an actual grind, it took me a week to get to cap.

heroics required group coordination and CC, not mindless facerolling (while it is amusing sometimes)

And 3 manning dungeons/heroics for the hell of it.
Started in Dec '04, this guy was made in Jan '05, and I miss my 2-minute mage (for those in the know, recall the glory days of AP+PoM+TOEP+ZHC+Pyroblast = one-shot). Always came in handy for PvP at the mouth of MC...

Edit: Oh gawd yes, how could I forget:
1. Spamming r1 Frostbolts for the lulz in PvP;
2. No mounts and having to walk/quest in Desolace (could that zone have been any bigger...);
3. Raid healing 40-mans with NO addons as a holy paladin back then...;
I AoE farmed the scourge on the westernmost farm in WPL from like 51-55. I had to respec out of frostbite and into improved blizzard to do it. Frostbite was pvp mandatory so i specced back immediately once i was tired of it.

I miss using reagents for stuff.

Also, lol proccing frostbite from rank 1 frostbolt.

Fishing in Alterac Valley (on the alliance side) and easily taking down rogues 2v1 when they came to kill me.
I miss when everyone complained that mage water sucked because it didn't restore enough mana, and then Blizz was like FINE, we'll add a new rank of water to the game.

But it was a random quest inside DM to get it, and you couldn't solo it. and then. 4 water per cast.

Three mages, 40 man raid group, and everyone but the rogues and warriors want water. Ugh.

Haha, I miss when the dev's had absolutely no idea what they were doing with this game, and not like today, I mean they literally had no idea what they were doing - our T2 (back when it looked like terrible terrible terrible) had +agi, +nature/fire/frost/arcane AND shadow resist, and different random amounts of each, Mp5...just completely random stats. And there was no spell power. So you couldn't increase your damage at all. Meanwhile a Rogue would just visit the AH upon dinging 60 and pick up a Krol blade...and then when they added it to our T2, it was just randomly divided among the gear. For instance the helm increased Arcane damage by 20, while the pants increased Frost damage by 20, yet the shoulders increased Fire damage by

And check out the 5 piece bonus (only a 3 and 5 piece 8/8 bonus) "When struck in melee, 2% chance you are protected from all physical attacks and spells for 2 seconds."

Just think about that. Think about why they would have that as a bonus, and think it was a good idea.

Ahh, the good old days.
I created my mage for the sole reason that they could conjure their own food and water. Then as I was leveling, I went Arcane so that I could have instant Arcane Explosion (because it looked cool).

I remember spending a lot of time dying in ZG because I ripped aggro (doing a couple hundred more dps than the rest of my raid with a wacky Arcane/Fire Scorch spec) on nearly every pull.

My biggest achievement in Vanilla was getting attuned to Naxx. That's right. Attuned. I never got to actually join a raid into the place until I was level 70.

Uhhm, I'm sure there's a lot more, but I can't think of them right now. And even if I could, I wouldn't want to melt your brains with my mindless droning. xD
Started in stress test. Was an undead rogue, but the server went down so hopped on another and made a human mage... never looked back. Started live on Hellscream with another mage about a month after release. So yea, I remember darn near everything. I found out in Duskwood that I need int/stam (eagle) gear not the int/spirit (owl) that I was wearing and friend of mine helped me get some new gear. I remember almost nothing but elites in Arathi Highlands and no where else to level, bumming money to buy my first mount at level 40! for 100g!. The only "battleground" was Southshore and Tarren Mill. One flight path per zone and so it was quicker to fly to duskwood and run south in STV than to fly to Booty Bay and run north. Was tired of grinding and went exploring discovering the dark portal to ding 60! (SS! With my AWESOME mooncloth robes and bags I made back when it was a 7 day CD I think! ( Also dropping skinning (cause you need leather for bags!) for herbalism and late night runs through Azshara's Vale to sale mats on the AH for my 1000g epic mount. I also remember people dragging Servants of Allistarj from the badlands all the way to stormwind (you can't kill them without doing something quest specific) so once and NPC had control of him, everyone would level up their weapon skills by beating on him.

I remember Out of Combat rezzing in MC. I remember finally giving up my fire spec to go frost so I could actually do damage in there. I remember the Onyixia quest chain and having to have that stupid necklace to get into the instance. I don't remember the release of BWL (don't think it was already in game at release) but I do remember the retardedness of AQ's release and the sheer awesome of Naxx release (still have the BoE dps cloth wrist piece from that event) even though we only got to twin emps and one night Naxx's "Instructor" schooled us hardcore.

I remember the release of what was then called T .5. I remember NO ONE wanting to do the postmaster in Strat so I could GET MY FREAKIN BOOTS!!! I remember farming fire resist gear and having to wear that god-awful chest piece from UBRS that only had +10 to all resists and some urine colored yellow cloak ( I remember 3-5 sunders before beginning DPS and NO EYES OF KILLROGG YOU STUPID LOCK!!!

And lastly, I remember all my friends, most of whom have left over the years. I remember the awe-struck voices on vent the first time we saw Rag and the cheers and shouts and screams when we first downed Nef ( And I remember just hanging out and shooting the breeze... sometimes in places we weren't suppose to be :-) (

That's my memories from way back when. I, thankfully, haven't lost these and many more screenshots over the years. Some of those memories are fond, some are in disgust, but they are all cherished.
Oh and because I saw some more stuff from folks! Desolace = suck with no mount. And standing in IF all day long trying to get a PUG to do an instance. Also the constant "dings" in 40 man raids from pallys doing their 5 (or was it 10) min buff one person at a time. And conjuring water over and over and over and over again for the raids. Alia had that right. 40 people and only rogues and warriors left you alone for that... but everyone wanted food!
Although *this* mage has been around since the beginning of WotLK, I used to play a mage on a different server at the start of TBC, it was never about being powerful, I just loved the class. I think one of the biggest reasons I got sucked in was because of Arcane Intelligence. :P I wanted a class with a buff and well, you can figure out what happened next.

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