<Byte Club> Looking to start 2nd MoP 10 man

<Byte Club> is looking to start a 2nd 10 man to start the expansion off that will eventually come together when the time is right. We have a few people ready to go for a 2nd group, but we need a reliable dedicated leader to help put together the group for success.

Raid times Mon Tues Thurs 10-12:30

What We offer
1. Trust - You will be promoted to Officer upon your arrival to the guild after a 2 week waiting period. We Trust that you will act accordingly and we wont try to oversee your every move.
2. Help - We are not going to throw you in blind and make you recruit your whole 10 man yourself. I stated above we have a few ready to go and myself and other officers are committed to helping you build the team.
3. Communication - This goes both ways. We will be communicating with you on strategies and recruiting so that we build both groups as equally strong groups. And if something is working for you we would like to know that also.

What we expect from you.
1. Dedication - Searching for a raid leader is much harder than replacing a single person in a raid group. I want someone with a history of long term commitment and a dedication to learning the content.
2. Responsibility - As a raid leader you are faced with more of a responsibility than anyone else in your raid group. Making sure everyone has professions, someone has feasts/cauldrons, knowing the fight from 4 different perspectives (Tank melee ranged heals), making assignments and executing them.
3. Communication - As I said above this goes both ways. A mic is required no exceptions. You have to be vocal about what you want your raiders to do and voice chat is the most efficient way. Also after every raid there will be a short officers meeting to talk about what worked and didn't work between the two groups so we can build on it going forward.

If you are interested add me in game on Frownpower or johnmartin.burkland@yahoo.com (put in friends note interested in MoP raid group) I will be on for the release starting around 10:30 or 11 server.

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