Twas the Night Before MoP

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The night before Cataclysm launched someone wrote a poem, so keeping with the spirit of a new x-pack I thought I would give it a go!

Twas the night before MoP when all through Azeroth,
not a creature was stirring, not even a moth.
All the embersilk bags had been emptied with care,
the thrill of new content hung in the air.

The questers were camped out in the Molten Front,
awaiting the infamous experience bar they would soon confront.
Varian in his throne room, had just gotten word,
Anduin had disappeared! His wrath, this incurred!

Meanwhile on Kalimdor, Garrosh left to his scheming,
had word of a new land, it's resources teeming.
Straight to his men he gave orders of plunder,
the sound of his voice echoing across Orgrimmar like thunder.

The mists were parting, around this new land of wonder,
with Anduin lost, Varian knew there was no time to blunder.
He knew just the adventurer's he needed to convince,
to swiftly and safely bring back Stormwind's prince.

Horde and Alliance set out quick as lightning,
to find themselves, yet again, in a strange land fighting.
With so little time and so much to address,
what you'll do first on Pandaria is anyone's guess!
Very awesome writing, I loved it!
Wooo! So excited for Pandaria!
Kia Ora and well done! Awesome to see such enthusiasm.
Expected it to be bad

Was awesome.. very good OP.
Can I hire you to write me bed time stories too? You're amazing.
Very nice poem! :D
09/24/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Fallestar
Hooray for MoP!!!! Great Poem very well done!!!

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