Rerolling .. who wants me

Earthen Ring
So i took a good hiatus to the game ( about 6months) and now im coming back for some pandorian action. Been kicking butt on other games lately

I'm looking to reroll a monk like everyone else but i wanted to get into a raiding guild that is looking for a good healer/ tank/ or dps

If you have never heard of me i have a few things i could mention

1. first player on server to receive hand of rag
2. 6 level 85's and 10 characters over level 70
3. defeated every endgame boss for every expansion as a healer / tank or dps
4. Dedicated raider who is always prepared and keeps guild updated with any attendance issues

Ive been around since vanilla and some may know my other alts better then my rogue and that's fine. I currently have no clue what guild leads in progression anymore and I'm looking for a guild who does hardcore raiding 4-6x nights a week. I'm willing to roll any side as long as i can get in a guild early to build up my reputation.

Past guilds ive been in and raided with
Warcry, Rebirth, Dark Legend, Vendetta, Shadow Remains, and Keepers of the Keg and a few others i cant remember atm

Good luck to everyone that's rerolling and hope to see you in game

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