Check .. Check and Checkeroooo

Europe is now live with new content ... we are 7 hours and 20 minutes as of the time of this post.

Nap this afternoon ---- check
Time off from work ---- check
Alarm set for 11:30 pm game time, in case I fall asleep ---- check
Vent paid for --- check
Game time paid up --- check
MOP upgrade paid for --- check
Sandwiches in the fridge for midnight snack ---- check
Fresh apples (fuji), chilled in the fridge too --- check
Cold pizza in case I need more food --- check
Plenty of gold on hand --- check
Bags cleaned out for new content stuff --- check
Phone taken off the hook --- check
Parents and loved ones warned I will disappear for a week --- check
Police notified that a missing person report on me for the next week is a hoax --- check
Electric bill paid up --- check
Internet company paid up ---- check
Mortgage paid and current ---- check
Computer in working order ---- check
Backup computer ready to go if needed --- check
Cats have new toys to play with --- check
Laundry done --- check
TP handy ---- check
Lots of fluids around --- check
Nosy neighbor shot and burried ---- check .. 'er I mean "Taken Care of"

Ok, think I'm ready to go. Let me know if I forgot anything :)
took 2 days vacation - check
told wife to leave me alone - check
divorce papers drawn up - that'll take time, she can do it
capped on justice points --- check
capped on honor points --- check
extra food and extra water put down for cats ---- check
lots of pre-release love pets for cats --- check
forest of catnip purchased for cats --- check

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