Help with a warlock metamorphosis macro!

UI and Macro
Hi :).
I'm new to macros (and warlocks).
I'm trying to create a warlock macro to cast metamorphosis > cast aura of enfeeblement then cancel metamorphosis.
So far I have,
/cast metamorphosis
/cast Aura of Enfeeblement
/cancelaura metamorphosis

it's only casting metamorphosis and none of the rest, is there something I am missing?
thanks to anyone who can help :D
Tested it, this will make all three things happen, but requires three button presses. each time you select a new target it will start over from the begining, and will repeat the entire sequence over and over for the same target. if you leave the default ? icon "#showtooltip" will make it display on you action bar which one will be cast on the next button press. Pretty much the way you had it written it's trying to cast three things at one time. "/castsequence" separates it into 1 press per spell/item/whatever and "reset=target" makes it start from the beginning of the sequence for each new target selected. Not sure if this is the "best" way to make it happen, i'm no master of macros, but it works and it's effective. copy and paste, and happy hunting :)

/castsequence reset=target Metamorphosis, Aura of Enfeeblement, Metamorphosis
/use [noform: 1] metamorphosis
/use [form: 1] aura of enfeeblement
/cancelaura [form:1] metamorphosis

I don't have a demo warlock to test with but it should work.
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this help me make my macros and i was looking all over, thx for keeping this on google

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