<Unforgiven> Recruiting one Tank for Mists!

<Unforgiven> Level 25 is recruiting one off tank for 10 man raiding in Mists! Must be able to make a Tue/Thur raiding schedule 100% attendance. The raid times are Tue / Thur 8:00 to 11:00 usually. The guild works on a Roll / Loot counsel type rolling system which is explained on our website under rules.

Here is the website link to the rules


We are recruiting someone who is fun, laid back and wants to raid mists content with a fun raid group. Must be a mature player and must know your class and MUST BE READY FOR RAIDING ON THE TUE AFTER MISTS DROPS. You must be lvl 90 and the ilvl requirement by that time. Please contact me in-game if you would like an interview on mumble, which also is the voice service we use and is required! I most likely will not be able to contact you untill after mists drops. Thanks =)

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