Who is your warrior hero?

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Melouche (Meloosh? idk), from Seinfeld.

Have you seen that episode? How could that guy not be a warrior.

Naruto, considered a ninja, he is still very warrior like and possesses the qualitys of one
Dreldragon Drakedon Douay.

Now if only they'd add some watermelon stands to WoW I could truly test my mettle.
Brox & Varok Saurfang
09/22/2012 10:02 PMPosted by Dreadhoof

when I saw him cleaved 10 Alliances and wiped them, I knew he my warrior.
Bruce Lee
My father, and his father before him.
Ummm? Striker.. you may have heard of him.

He is the Warrior of superheroes. No special powers, just badassery.
Boromir, Aragorn, and Broxigar. Especially the parts where each of them are ready to sacrifice themselves fighting to the death for other people.
Miyamoto Musashi, wrote book of the five rings faught and killed many people. Sun Tsu was the man when it came to war, Miyamoto was the man when it came to combat.

If you don't know who he is, look up his history. Warrior from the beginning.
02/23/2013 12:27 AMPosted by Thorhammer
Mine would be probably Vegeta from Dragonball z.

He was so epic when he tore up Android 19, so many great lines.

"Does a machine like you ever experience fear?! (than becomes a super saiyan)"

"Fresh out of the factory with no warranty, and already broken. What a pity."

"Looks like you've got an oil leak, what a bad deal for such a fragile unit."

"The sleeper has awakened!!! I am the prince of all Saiyans once again!!"

"My my, what do we have here? The ultimate tub of lard bucket of bolts!!"

Android 19, "I will never let you go!".

Vegeta, "That's the spirit android!!! NEVER SAY DIE!!!"

Krillin: "looks like someone joined the super-saiyan club!!!" Hahaha love that line!
Either Kratos, or Scorpion(Scorpion-Mortal Kombat|Kratos- God of War) Well.. Neither are really heroes, but at least they're warriors.
The warrior I try to play as well as would be Kaywarrior, tho I can't find what realm he is on anymore.

The warriors I emulate, Kempachi from Bleach when I'm rolling DPS (Ryld Argith ftw) and the DnD archtype of a lawful-good warrior when I'm in protection (Gaborn Val Orden for his attitude toward the end of the series represents this).
To name a few:





and an anime favorite: Guts

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