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Ever since the new patch I've had this thought that we lost some defenses and unique passives that really helped us out such as the old Sacred Shield from Cata and even losing the stun removal with HoF in Wrath.

With this I thought of a few new abilities and passives that could help bring some niche back to Rets and maybe even bring some more CC and utility that we might be lacking just a tiny bit.

The things im going to list here are for Retribution only as yes, even though we do have some varied defenses/utility, we share too much of that with Holy and Prot and don't bring any of our own special abilities to the table.
1. Final Reckoning
1 min cooldown
-Basically this would work the exact same as the the old Sacred Shield from Cata but I know many people enjoy the new talented one, so I simply changed name and it could probably have a different animation as-well. Gained at possibly lvl 40 which is around the same lvl as we gained the old Shield.

2. Unshackle
-This would be a passive effect added at maybe lvl 55-60 that would also work the same as the old HoF stun removal worked back in Wrath, but because of Clemency they could give it an internal cooldown of maybe 15-20 sec or more so that it wouldn't be a double stun removal.
3. Wrath of the Heavens
30 sec cooldown
-I'm not sure what lvl this would be gained but this could be a new Holy Power finisher that 'shoots holy lightning from the sky' to strike all enemies in a 10 yd range that causes them to stagger in fear on the spot for 3 sec per charge of Holy Power. I think this could be really cool CC that can be very handy if used correctly and could really help fill just one more utility spot for Rets.

That's all the ideas I have for now so I might post more if I think of any but post your own ideas and I hope you like mine.

We wouldn't be changing the currently existing Sacred Shield, rather we would be re-implementing the old one. The suggestion was to bring it back because it basically saved you from death, especially if you specced into Last Word. You're right though, passives can and most of the time will be boring but I'm just not sure where else it would fit in.

Fair enough about the stun removal but I just though it would be pretty good but yea now that I think about it a 30 sec cooldown would seem pretty op.

It's not really like Holy Prism in the sense that it doesn't heal or damage anyone or anything. Although I will agree with you about the CC part of it being similar to Blinding Light. Maybe it could just root/snare enemies? I dunno lol, It just kinda feels we're lacking something.
These suggestions threads are totally useless as the Blizz developers are not even allowed to read these forums.
To what Sparklefever said: I think it wouldn't be that over powered considering priests have an actual aoe fear on the same cooldown while this one is simply a stagger or root effect.

Also Rets holy power gen is great but its not like you would be using the spell every time it's of cooldown as that would be a waste.

Yes, priests do use psychic scream whenever possible but that's because they use it to gap make where as Rets would use the new spell for more tactical play because there would be no need for gap making.

As to what Prescious said: Thanks for agreeing with me and It's true that Ret is in a bit of a bad spot right now, but all in all I think they have improved allot from Cataclysm both rotation wise and holy power wise and could use just a bit more polishing to really make them good.

As to what Agincourt said: I really hope that isn't true cause that would just be completely stupid and whoever told blizz that they can't read the Paladin forums would be making a big mistake.
I liked the 20% incease to healing plus 60% increase to crit (last word) under 35% of word of glory so when you timed it right you could get much better returns from using it, but since they removed the cd from WoG and holy power generation is dramatically less time consuming and painful this would probably be really op.
Oh yea I forgot to mention that about Sacred Shield.

The healing and crit chance from the new Shield would be the same as in Cata but, after you heal yourself past the 35% hp, the heal and crit bonus for WoG goes away.

That would probably make it less op as the only thing left after the heal would just be the rest of the shield.
Hmm, well I have played lvl 85 pvp and we do fair well so I completely agree with what you're saying.

tbh I was just suggesting a few Ideas since after the patch at first glance it seemed we lost allot of stuff but WoG off cooldown, stronger FoL and the new talents at lvl 90 should more than make up for it.

So I guess I wouldn't mind at all whether or not they add the things I said, BUT the one thing that I would really hope they do in a future patch is add maybe just one or two more holy power finishers for each spec since as Ret, choosing between Single Target damage, AOE damage, Healing, and a Buff is just a little bit short of a way of spending our resource that the class is now based around.

I think Holy and Prot have it worse of though by having maybe 2 that I can think of off the top of my head (WoG and Light of Dawn for Holy, WoG and Shield of the Righteous for Prot). I have no idea if they have more but I really hope they at least add more.

But nonetheless, thanks Lobster for all the feedback and answers, and no matter what happens I will still play my Ret in MoP cause of how fun they are now and I think the changes are awesome, way better than Cata Ret :).

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