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So I have just started playing after three years and needed some help with something. I wanted to buy the Master Flying Mount skill from the trainer However when i go there to learn it there is nothing for me to purchase. it says my riding skill is at 150 and that i can learn the skill but when i go to the trainer there is nothing to purchase. any ideas why this is?
ou need to be level 70 for fast flying :D
Also, you need Cataclysm to be able to fly in Azeroth, even at level 60.
150 is the no-flying riding skill.

Which trainer did you go to? Only a few riding trainers train flying.
There's 3 flight trainers alliance players can go to for flight training:

Next to the FP in Stormwind
Near the FP in Honor Hold, Hellfire Penninsula
Near the FP in Dalaran

The other riding trainers do not have flight training available, they only do ground mount training.

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