Why are horde druids so ugly?

And Worgen/Nelfs look good?
Yer shapeshifted 90% of the time, so who cares? I'd go Tauren, because Taurens are always bringing sexy back.
I'm not ugly :D
I'm sexy and I know it.

~removes shirt~

Oh so sexy...

It hurts.
1. Tauren are the beeest.

2. worgen = troll depending on color

3. boring night elves with no character and !@#$%^-*s from the neck.
I'm beauuuutiful, thanks. :) Troll!
Nothing is uglier than the worgen.

For caster form I actually prefer male tauren and male trolls to any of the other races.

We have the nicest bums, too. <3
09/23/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Dispenser
Which race should I choose (I play both resto and guardian)?!

If you always play in shapeshift form, you won't notice.
whats more terrifying a cat leaping from the shadows or a Lion leaping out with horns.....
a Lion...with horns.....

...Is the reason I roll my eyes when I see a kittycow. Chop those horns off and I'll jump on the meatwagon!

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