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I have recently bought my new laptop- a mid 2012 17" MacBook Pro.
Ever since I have started attending my university, I have had problems downloading patches
I have found that this problem only occurs at my university, due to an apparent block on P2P downloads, that was put on their internet connection.

Is there any way to download WoW despite this?

Thank You!
09/23/2012 07:08 PMPosted by Lickmycrits
Is there any way to download WoW despite this?

Yes. You either need to begin the download using an internet connection that doesn't block the download or you could download the files that are being blocked and then you should be able to finish the download using the launcher.

If you ran the installer and got an error at 10%, you don't need to run the Setup again. The install finishes at 10%. Just get these two files:

Download the WoW.tfil from here and put the file in your World of Warcraft folder.
(Make sure you extract from the zip by opening it and replace the existing WoW.tfil with the one you downloaded)

And download the Agent update which is also being blocked from here:
Save the SetupOSX.mpq in your World of Warcraft folder as well and replace the existing file with this one. (Make a copy of the original file, just in case.)

WoW.tfil = World of Warcraft torrent file.
SetupOSX.mpq holds the base version of the "Agent" and "Client" folders which are extracted to /Users/Shared/ when you run the launcher.

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