Remote Chat / Guild Status Bug ?

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My Guild status constantly says I am logged into Remote Chat.

I have changed my Status from Online to Offline multiple times and now even uninstalled the app and yet it's still there.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?
One of my friends and I get the same bug, I even logged with one of my alts and my main was still online with remote chat.
I have the same problem. Have tried everything I know of to clear the status, and nothing works.
The issue is still there a day later, after logging in today I see that it's still labeled as remote chat. The app hasn't been installed for about 12 hours now and it says I'm still using it.

What gives?

~I can only assume this won't get fixed any time soon because of Pandaria release~
Same for me too, it sucks because I'm an officer in my guild and it keeps showing that I'm in remote chat even when I'm not.
We have the same issue. It is very annoying. I hope we get some response on this for a work around or a way to get rid of this annoying bug.
Thankfully I can report to you guys on how to solve this issue, as it happened to me as well.

The bug occurs when someone does not properly log out of the remote app before logging into the game on a PC. The game will forever recognize you as being logged onto the mobile app, even if you uninstall it.

The fix for me? You must log into , and out of, the mobile app while Warcraft is not loaded on your computer.

Log out of Warcraft on your computer.
I made absolutely sure I was logged out of my mobile app. "Remember me" unchecked, etc. I even uninstalled to be sure.
I reinstalled the Mobile Armory App.
I logged into the app, and logged out of the app. Making sure that "remember me" is unchecked.
Logged into WoW on my computer.

Remote Chat was no longer next to my name.
Nope, tried all of that and still no good.
while not a user level fix I think the natural fix from the Blizzard end is when a computer is logged into the account the mobile app is locked out of accessing the guild chat.
This is being addressed.

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