Voidlord Sound Removal?

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Does anyone know how the sound file for the Voidlord's annoying looped background sound is named?
I tried a variation on:


which I still use successfully on my mage, but it didn't eliminate it.

Any help is VERY appreciated.
No one knows how to remove the warlock demon Voidlord's annoying looped background hum? Or how the sound file is named?
To remove it you put in a blank sound file with the right name into the World of Warcraft/Data/Sounds folder but the name is trickier. You have to kind of guess it from the name and testing it out yourself. You can find the list of all sounds here:
but it hasn't been updated for MoP so gotta wait on that if it's a new sound. Or you can try looking at the MPQ yourself to see if you can find it.

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