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Guild Recruitment
Still need Warlocks
Bump for warlocks.
Pre-raid night bump.
We killed a boss
Hump de bump.
According to your armory you are a subtlety shaman.
Still in need of warlocks and other ranged dps.
Punch and pie :)
Locks where are youuuu
We are also now recruiting a ret pally.
Day two of raiding starting need more range dps and a ret pally.
2/6 MV clear 4/6 coming up. Would love to add Range DPS ( Warlocks i'm looking at you) and a ret pally/rogue/dps warrior.
Locks/Mages and select melee dps where are you?
As of 10-05-2012

  • 1-2 Warlocks
  • 1 Mage
  • 1 Melee DPS( Windwalker Monk/ Rogue/DPS warrior/ Ret Pally)
  • Back up
    Still looking for the above dps.
    Still looking
    Need a couple dps to fill out our roster for 25 mans next week.

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