Whats your race?

With MoP around the corner are you going to become a Panda or stay the race you have always been? Please give a little reasoning also for those who are trying to figure out their races... ill start :)

I'm and ele shaman thats pretty sure im staying Orc unless they show the panderian numbers are ALOT better than orcs when it comes to racials.
I'm pretty sure troll is considered a favorite because of being able to line up ascendance and berserking. It's very easy to get 1 second LvBs that way.
Still undecided, this is the only toon that I have that is on his original server/faction/race/look, but I want a Dwarf (lorewise so I can pretend he's on the Wildhammer Clan) or a Panda (just for the f*** of it)
i am a draenei because i didn't want to be a puny dwarf. not switching to panda though
Going fem panda
My totems are still the coolest, sorry.
Wish I could be an orc still, but can't decide between dwarf and panada.

I think dwarf is probably the best on the alliance side due to stone form/frost resist, but the pandaren stun would be nice as an interrupt (damage breaks the stun).

If I could benefit from the food buff racial that pandas get in RBGs/Arenas, then I would DEFINITELY go Panda.
I'm going to wait to see the updated orc models before I decide. I am happy with orcs overall though.
Orc because orcs are hawt and racials are nice.
Was thinking Fem Panda, but I just realized how much I'll miss Stoneform really
TBH I really struggle with which race/name to use for my characters. I have to be Alliance because my friends are there, but I can't decide which race to be. I like all 3. I will probably go Pandren because I normally wind up healing on my shaman (even though I really like Elemental), so Draenei isn't very helpful, and I don't PvP much or plan on playing enhancement so the dwarf abilities aren't very helpful to me either.
I don't normally choose a race based on racial abilities (I play races I like because of looks/lore) but I might wind up doing that since I like all 3 choices equally based on lore.
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Going fem panda

Yep. Got to my damn GS isn't doing a midight release so backup plan.
Staying Troll

Berserking macro'd to Ascendance.

Best looking totems in the game.

Also trolls be flippin' out mon!
Goblin! HAste FTW! #LITTLE PEOPLE .... will be making a panda monk!

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