Forsaken Unite/Masquerade Ball!

Wyrmrest Accord
Kicking this to the top, and I was told you were looking for me, Talden? I'll do what I can to get in touch with you.
Bump for forsaken pride awareness!
09/22/2012 05:23 PMPosted by Catteline
(DKs don't count)

Well. I see my presence is unwanted.

In all seriousness, I've been considering starting a death knight guild back up (only this time, do it willingly and correctly) and I wouldn't count us out simply because some blood elf death knights decided to snowflake all over Lordaeron for a time.
I am happily guilded but... I'd like the Dollmaker to attend.

Are guilded but interested forsaken permitted? I promise to keep her lunatic rambling down to a minimum!
Seamstress of the marrionettes, you are most welcome to our goings on!

I'm also discussing with Meb about throwing in a masquerade dance in UC...
Excellent. I'll even have her wear a pretty dress.
I'll be there... :<
I am completely on-board for making a new deader for this. Most definately.

I have ideas popping up of training as a warrior to better help the Forsaken Warmachine. Hmmm...
I'll be there... :<

You're limbs best be showing alot more exposed bone when you get there. You are not Forsaken.
I'll be there... :<

You're limbs best be showing alot more exposed bone when you get there. You are not Forsaken.

We could help him look the part... *Gets meat cleaver*
Bump for the Dark Lady!
(Still think there should be a game master who's job is to RP her)
Way-hey, and up she rises. Way-hey, and up she rises. Way-hey, and up she rises... early in the morning...
Meb here. No DK guild for y'all but I'm happy to help the Hallow's End festivities in any way I can.
As for Hallow's End festivals, I indeed want to help with that. We'll be getting a few going ourselves, hopefully.
Bumping for forsaken pridw!
Can I go with a friend? Surely you wouldn't mind someone who is both dead AND dead.


You get it.

Forsaken DKS FTW

But really, in all sillyness, this event sounds awesome! Dollmaker, Wrest AND every forsaken guild out there? It's like a dream come true. If you need any help planning or gathering materials for the event and whatnot just hit me up in game, I'd be more than happy to help O:
It'll be a good time. Just sayin', I think other interested Forsaken from <The Hush> May just be there as well from our conversation the other day.

I'd heard rumors that there may have been some hiccups or that this event might not be working out. I'm hoping Cattelines bump means either those wrinkles have been worked out or the rumors were indeed false!

This is a perfect opportunity for me to dip my claws into in-game RP again after pretty much a 4 year hiatus.
Admittedly, I am relying more on word of mouth, then personally advocated advertisement. However, I'm trying to organize something with the Shady Raven atm, whom have been excellent as custodians and bartenders in the past.

The Apothecaries and Watchers have been filled in, as well as the Scythe. If anyone knows any other predominantly forsaken guilds, or would like to invite the dead of their own groups, please speak up!
Interested in a more scientific point of view?
Just keep us notified as to a date and I'll continue to spread the word to other Forsaken who might want to be present.

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