Forsaken Recruiting for Pandaria

Forsaken is a group of mates who came over from Frostmourne we were all 8/8 HM 10/25 DS at 10% Nerf we came to Aman'Thul because Frostmourne is way to populated and it'll be close to impossible to enter World of Warcraft with the queue timer when Mist of Pandaria comes out and we want to reach level 90 and get into Hardmodes as soon as possible. We've also cleared all of Tier 11/12 except Rag H Pre Nerf and all of WOTLK eg Algalon 10/25 Pre ToC and TOGC Insanity 10/25 Pre ICC and 10/25 HM LK before new cataclysm talents came out.

We are currently recruiting exceptional raiders and will be raiding Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 7-10pm GST10.
We are a mature guild looking for 18 + members and dedicated raiders but can make exceptions if possible if your interested feel free to talk to Trippers or Mäck ingame.

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