Toffee's Art Thread- New Art!

Bleeding Hollow
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Firstly, thank you all so much for taking such a liking to my art! It really means a lot to me and I appreciate every kind word and every bit of (mostly constructive) criticism! You guys really make me smile! So thanks again!

NEWS 1/27
I can't feel my fingers.
New art on my Deviant Art account and as a link down below. Forgive me for the teeny, quick update. I feel like I might never be able to look at SAI/Photoshop again.


Also, Sativ videos!
Go give him some love!

♥ Toffee ♥



updated 1/18/13

Making A Request
When the request lines are open, drop me a message! You know the drill!

I'm doing only super duper important art at the moment because I'm a terrible human being and lose track of time and stuff. Also, college. Bachelors degrees take time away from important stuff like playing World of Warcraft and crocheting.

REQUESTS ARE FREE! If you want to throw gold/stuff/cake at me because you admire my grace or think my Rottweiler is a qt IRL then whatever. That's your own thing, but I'm not asking for anything of you other than a thank you.

Have A Question?
Just ask! If there's something you want to know or are curious about, let me know. Ask in-game if you want. Battle Tag is Toffee#1268, feel absolutely free to add me to Real ID.


Links and Stuff!
♥ My DeviantArt account:

♥ My WoW Tumblr:

♥ Sativ's Youtube Channel:
The Queue
♥ Smellegance

Progress Shots

Finished Work Pick- Up!
♥ Revenge

♥ Sativ -
(You already saw it, but whatev)

♥ A wild Helladin appeared! -

♥ Endryx because reasons -

♥ Protozoan -
I would like one with my beard being oh so sexy :D
We need more sexy Raikino beard
<--- this guy on his Purple Netherwing Drake plz.
We do need more of Raikino's beard.
Draw Robfosho, the king of BH.

I'd like to see me shoving every horde on this realm into a single bottle, and then smashing it.

Also, yes I see that you said request are closed, but I don't care! Sending you a gift in-game also.

09/23/2012 12:44 PMPosted by Raikino
I would like one with my beard being oh so sexy :D

It's always sexy meijt
♥♥♥ omg ♥♥♥
Bump... Hell, sticky requested.
#1 SEXIEST beard BH
09/23/2012 06:48 PMPosted by Kenokost
#1 SEXIEST beard BH

nahhh man<-------
09/23/2012 07:54 PMPosted by Raikino
#1 SEXIEST beard BH

nahhh man<-------

Is that a dwarf on your beard ?
Raikino and Kenokost = Beard Buddies 4 Life
I'm not vain, I'm just beautiful.
I'm going to work, so when I check these forums later, I better be on the list. If not I swear to god I will punch you in the #*#%%@%*!

love you
Draw me as a stick figure.

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