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I wasn't expecting this to actually happen, but I managed to defeat Heroic Madness, not even an hour ago.

I'll skip the sob story and just say that strokes are bad, and are one of the hardest things a person with heart conditions has to recover from. It certainly played a major part in keeping me from pulling my shattered mind back together enough to feel up for raiding properly.

I felt so good about the kill, I don't even mind that I missed out on every single heroic kill before 4.3. I'm also not bothered if anyone decides to undermine my accomplishment. Also, it was a first kill for the group I was with, too, so I for sure wasn't carried. (don't mind the ungemmed/unenchanted stuff that I didn't put on until after the kill, I don't believe anyone would blame me for leaving them empty on purpose at this point.)

Well, that's about it. I feel that I can now properly say goodbye to this expansion, and this death knight could sure use a good long rest so my monk can take over from now on. At least until I need to call upon him again.


-Angel "Death's Demise" Terronega.
grats b 2 u
+1 Good job!
grats on your kill.

always nice to cut it close on the winning side of things...unlike my 1% heroic yor'sahj 25 pre-nerf...or the 3% heroic spine at 15%...
Grats! Good timing dude. Lok'tar!
Yeah, he was pretty much full blown nonstop since the start of Wrath, until things came crashing down not long after acquiring Shadowmourne. I'd say he could use the rest.
So tired now. So very tired. I think I'll just rest my eyes for a little while.
Fantastic job tonight Terro. I think it's a well-deserved kill and I'm glad I could be a part of it for you. :D
Many thanks to the milk of Cinna for bringing me along.
There is a guy on Twitch who has no hands (and I presume something is wrong with his legs). He plays all kinds of games on a competitive level using his head to move the mouse and a pen in his mouth that he uses to push buttons on the keyboard. He's not just capable of playing the games--he's really good at them, and is always on the better side of PVP.

There is also a completely blind guy on YouTube who can beat Ocarina of Time by himself. He has memorized the entire game.

I'm in a top guild and we've had many people (over the course of five years) with physical and mental disabilities, and those disabilities have never held them back--and I'm not just saying that. It's always something else, like that stupid Warlock who keeps messing up.

Congratulations on your feat. You can do anything you want to if you decide to.
Thanks for that. I understand that there's always someone else out there that has it harder, in their own way.
Terronega, welcome to the exclusive club of brain bleeds mate, good for you getting your heroic achiev, and let me say from experience (SAH) that it gets easier with time and the fatigue etc etc gets better as well. Good luck to you
d: I know what you meant, but I couldn't help but imagine a rogue hitting me in the head with Hemo irl when you said brain bleed.
I feel good and ready for tonight, with no regrets. But maybe I should take a friend's advice and hit the sack first.
Grats on the kill, but even moreso, grats on the stroke recovery.

A good rest before a long grind is what's best for everyone. I'm planning on hitting the sack pretty soon as well, once I get my fill of the forums in.

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