What do you ppl do other than WoW?

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What do you ppl do other than WoW? What do you use in what you do?

Im a firearms instructor. I worked as one back when I lived in Oregon. Taught mainly in the Salem, Portland, Tillamook area(s). Currently living in Texas waiting to start my job as another instructor here LOL. I mainly teach ppl who never shot a gun before. Recommend what brands to avoid in using in high stress environments. Whats best for that person, either a revolver or a semi-auto. Mix up dummy rounds with live rounds to show ppl how to handle a firearm in case of a misfire.

Tools of my Trade:

Glock 19
Glock 21
Mosin Nagant 91/30 (1943 make year)
Schmidt/Rubin Swiss K31
Mossberg 500
Mossberg Chainsaw (rarely use this one. Only got it for the way it looks LOL)
Armalite BMG 50 (single shot)
Sig Sauer P229
I'm unemployed. No school at the moment because I dropped out of high school. Was just sick of the education system. Rant for another time.

It sounds stereotypical of WoW players but my mom currently helps pay for my WoW. Going for my GED soon.

Otherwise I'm just a internet lurker/artist
I'm a Quality Assurance Monitor, Sales Auditor, and Training Supervisor at an internet technical support company. I put sales into the system so employees can receive their commission. I oversee chat rooms in case my trainers or trainees need anything from me or if a tool doesn't work. And I monitor and grade calls to ensure employees are properly handling the customers' issues. "This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes." Ever hear that before?

Aside from work, I program video games for fun and take some old titles apart to see how they work. I sometimes use ASM to make my own Mario levels just for amusement. I am considered a hacker but I only break apart offline games for educational and recreational purposes. I really dislike the word "hacker" being considered a BAD thing as it just means someone who is savvy with computers.
i'm a !@#$ star by night and a solid nobody by day. by night i ment when i was asleep.
A/V technician for a popular goth/fetish club here. I work with roadies to set up the fancy lighting and do equipment checks for bands.
I collect unopened sodas....I have Crystal Pepsi. 7 Up Gold, Surge, and Orbitz among my collection.

I also tool around on my '76 Corvette and my H2 Hummer.

About to go into automotive school for a career change.

Ex-Navy, ex-corrections officer, current bail bondsman.
Marketing Rep by day, Bro by night. WoW when I can fit it in during the week.
I swim competitively, get straight A's in all classes at UW, and have a black belt in both karate and tae kwon do. Oh, and I play Star Wars.
I'm a full time house wife.

Usually spend time reading, playing with my nieces/nephews, or I'm helping family where I can if I am able.
In my spare time I work on blacksmithing and...nah just kidding. I'm finishing school this year and been hitting the GYM hard. Plan to join the Air force and get a great career in aviation.
I know I won't be able to play WoW as much but when I do ...(the word to describle it would not be permissible)

The rest of the time I like to spend time with the family as well as read :D
Easy answer I listen to Power Metal heres a link to a favorite live it actually holds a world record for longest crowd chant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ_VFJn2kJM
10/02/2012 08:04 PMPosted by Thol
Easy answer I listen to Power Metal heres a link to a favorite live it actually holds a world record for longest crowd chant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ_VFJn2kJM
and I also perfor m Power Metal
only locally with a group called "Warmage"
Im also a highschool student in Canada (forgot to add to arrogant whe nit comes to singing and keyboards and wongwriting for Warmage)
Full time work!! but a hobby of mine is videos! and i recently jumped into utube world. www.youtube.com/fireburningblaze is my new channel i will be posting up videos on wow but well edited for the max entertaiment. if you plz like and sub! thanks
I work and then work more and work. Hey! Guess what?! I work.

I also forum Role Play with my fiance on our own board. BUT THAT'S PRIVATE INFO!
Going to school for CNSA (computer network and system administration.)
So far, nothing much. =P

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