What do you ppl do other than WoW?

Movies, TV and Entertainment
i work in a zoo
Just started this year as an Air Force MSO (Medical Service Corps); basically a healthcare administrator. I swim competitively for a masters swim club in town. Me and my wife will watch movies that have just came out to movie theaters usually once a week. Nothing too fancy I guess.
WoW comes in only second to Doctor Who for me when it comes to my geek side.
Full time gamer. I'm a high school dropout and I've only worked one par-time job as a grocery store courtesy clerk between '06 and '08. And due to a disability, I get social security each month. I'm not handicapped or in a wheelchair or anything to that effect.... Only going to say there are too many people who are too ignorant to know what my condition is or means.

And I currently have no desire to find any work, mostly because I don't have a Diploma or GED. I have wanted to go and work for either (not sure if I still qualify for a Diploma). I even once tried going to adult education classes, but I felt very shy and nervous about the whole thing. Kind of self-conscious or low self-esteem, not too sure what though, so I dropped out again.

I would like to pursue college classes at some point though. My interests are in Art, Computers or Programming, programming games, and music. Would definitely like to better myself at guitar and drums. Been playing guitar for 12 years, only had half a year of lessons, enough to learn basics; string and note names, how to string and tune a guitar, and some blues-ish techniques.

The rest I know now, I have self-taught. As an example, I can do Stairway To Heaven in it's entirety, though I haven't practiced that one for a little while now. Can also do Ozzy's Diary Of A Madman and Killer Of Giants, but still working on the solos with those. And those are just examples of complex songs; Crazy Train would be an example of an easy one.

I've also been self-learning drums. Haven't watched any instructional videos or seen anyone about it, but watching live shows and studying performances by players like John Bonham or Dave Grohl (his time in Nirvana) have given me a pretty good idea on basics and drum-fill-like stuff.

Also Black Sabbath's "Wicked World" was another I could learn to play just from hearing it. Problem is I don't have my own drum kit. Mostly gone in to music stores and sat at the kits they had set up to get a feel for what I learn myself and practice on.

In the mean time, I rely on "air-drums" and banging my fists on my knees....
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I work and then work more and work. Hey! Guess what?! I work

Pretty much this.
OP here on this toon.

Had fun teaching two girls this past friday who never shot a gun and wanted to get into target shooting especially for 3-gun competitions. The rest of the class (about 15 in all) were there for formal firearms training. Altogether it was a fun day to go to the range. Picking up my new toy in two weeks though :D
40 hour week job at Walmart unloading trucks for 4 years almost now, i wish i could get a career change i want to be a professional soccer player, i need to work out more and maybe i can find that 2nd trade/hobby that i need. Im glad i work at Walmart though so i can get away from WoW.
I'm employeed by the FAA. I maintain the ASR-9:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airport_surveillance_radar <-- My baby.

I'm also a mom (daughter is 12) and wife (been with my husband 10 years in December.) He's also a radar tech but he works on a different radar.

Like the OP, I love guns. I have an XD-9 sub compact, 12 gauge shot gun, and two .22 riffles. My husband has a lot more than I do ... I'm pretty content with my 9 and .22.

I got like 3 60 shot bandoliers of 2 3/4 and 3" shells (00 buck and slugs) and Maverick 88 with a mossberg 500 security barrel (w/ chainsaw muzzlebrake) also with pistol grip/collapsible stock.
Just got back from the range today after teaching a small class. While the class was shooting at the AR steel gongs I was in the shotgun bay trying out the new 3" Magnum Sluggers from Remington. First shot was kickass, 2nd shot uh ok now its starting to sting a bit, 3rd shot was OK NOT FUN anymore! LOL
Play Halo. Work. Watch a lot of Anime.
Play with my dogs. Drink. Jot down scenarios and ideas that I want to incorporate into my novel.

Just normal !@#$. I'm a pretty boring person, I think.
Was an AD (Aviation Machinist Mate) in the Navy....in english, I was an jet engine mechanic. Worked with fuel and oil systems of the F-14D aircraft. (the one that Tom Cruises character flew in Top Gun) Also worked on the TA-4J Skyhawk.( A version of the Aircraft that Tom Cruises character was chasing during his training phase at Top Gun). Worked on the UH-3 helicopter (used for search and rescue operations). Just recently, was stationed in N.A.S Norfolk Virginia working on the CH-53 Helicopter.
Worked as a Quality Assurance representative for some time as well and did recieve qualifications in the Safety Department....And yet, I still have time to play WOW.

And to top it all off, I just recently retired from the Military of 20 years service.
Auto tech here for about the past 13 years. Have worked at Ford,Chevy,Dodge and now currently at Nissan. Really want to get certified for the GT-R! 9yr old daughter who pretty much eats up all my time outside of work. So mainly play late at night.

Also thinking of working my way into John Deere or Toro.
Work. I work at UPMC. I get up at 4:30. Catch the bus at 5:36.

I come home and eat. I eat dinner most everyday but sometimes I eat Sheetz. Sheetz is the best worst garbage food there is. More often than not I feel like crap after eating it. Yet I go back and still eat their food.

I watch wrestling on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday I miss sometimes. (That's TNA wrestling).
I work at Walmart in the Electronics Department. I'm one of the VERY few walmart associates who actually knows about stuff in my department. Customers tend to assume the workers know stuff in their department, but that's so wrong. Anyway, that takes most of my time. When I'm not working or playing WoW, I spend a lot of time on Netflix getting my fill of almost everything scifi related. Right now I'm watching Supernatural from start to most recent episode. I'm only on season 2, so I have a long way to go.
15mm historical miniatures.




Dealing with my four cats.
I was a repo guy / spotter up until yesterday for a year now fired...now I am waiting on another repo company to get back with me hopefully soon, as I am out of work.

so uh, full time wow player until I can't pay my internet bill anymore while waiting on several companies I've applied for, with only one looking very promising, but still not 100%.
Op here on a different toon.

Had a class on accuracy yesterday. We were at the claybird throwers and I was demonstrating. Kinda embarrassing when you shoot a claybird and hit the thrower pedal for another shot and it flies off but the pump is stuck cuz the shell expanded so much the brass was pressed firmly against the receiver. LOL
Play paintball
Drive and pitcrew Demolition Derby
Shoot firearms
Bow Hunting
Paint oil paintings
Play the drums
Play guitar

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