MoP hype thread. Yus.

Moon Guard
Surprisingly enough...I have yet to pre order for some reason...

But the again...I don't need to pre order to enjoy lovely panda women :3
oh god is it here yet?

I am so ready for this expansion. Just upgraded my newer RaF account with MoP too, more game time on it and other stuff is out of the way so I can panda all night. So looking forward to how quick Avaruu and I can hit 85 with our monks via RaF. The process is already insanely, but here we are stacking heirlooms and what not with it too.
I had a persuasive speech to make the day after Wrath came out, a final on the day Cata came out and I have a midterm tomorrow.

gonna find forte while hes questing in MoP and...

Hug him.
Watch the European Launch here:
pet battttlesssss yesssss
09/24/2012 08:45 AMPosted by Rubiah
Panda bosom > human bosom

You're insane!

Also, my anatomy is primed.
Might as well post this from the other pre-MoP. Sit back and imagine the decline of an ancient empire while calculating the spoils your character will reap.
): european livestream is over now.
So Etone and I were just browsing through our pet lists and realized we could rename them. This led us to the discovery that not only are titles disallowed in player names, but pet names as well.

No Mr. Meow.
No Sir Hoppalot.
No Admiral Squawkers.

Basically I'm scandalized.
09/24/2012 04:31 PMPosted by Oniance

I laughed more than I should've at that.


Stop at the gas station on the way home. $1.29 ( $1.40 after tax ) and I got a 52 oz. Mountain Dew.

I think I'm ready.

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