Weekend 10m LFM for MOP

<Elemental Nightmare>
New guild formed by a few friends interested in raiding content
at our own pace and having a good time with like minded people.

We come from past and present HM experience running and leading raids
and were looking for people that want to raid a casual schedule and be successful.

Raid leader is both 7/7HM and 8/8HM in the current xpac
and has HM experience in prior xpac's, as well as most of other raiders.

Raid times
fri 730-11est
sun 730-11est

Recruiting certain classes for MOP at the moment..listed below in order of priority
tank war/pally
healer priest/shaman must have a dps spec.

If your class is not listed above and your interested feel free to contact my battle.net anyways and if your a solid recruit most likely we will have a place for you.

For clarification if your bent on HM progression and server first, this is
not the guild for you. If you want to enjoy progressing at a solid pace with
people who enjoy your company then please contact us. most people in the guild are late 20's to mid 30's.

my battle.net is timothybinyy@yahoo.com
bump for solid
tank- war/pally
mage/SP dps!
bump for solid tank- war/pallymage/SP dps!
bump for solid mage.
bump for mage
still looking for a solid mage!
bump for mage/shadow dps
still looking for mage/shadow dps
bump mage and SP
still looking for mage/ranged dps
recruiting mage/hunter and dk/rogue dps.
bump for mage
bump for good lock
Still looking for a lock. Thursday will be added to the schedule in the coming weeks.
looking for hunter/ele shaman.
still looking for 2 solid dps to push into HOF. need hunter/eleshaman/mage
Bump for raid ready experienced lock/boomkin with resto off/hunter.
need a 487 frost dk or a 478 holy pally?

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