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We can only assume when it will release, but it will at some point be available to post-frozen cata players who just want to have a feel of MOP. In saying that, in previous expansions like BC/WOTLK/Cata, frozen accounts get issued 10 days free trial back into the game for every 3 months of inactivity.
10/01/2012 01:14 AMPosted by Carisaracy
Are we all lying just to troll you? That's a possibility, sure, but a lot of us are posting on mains and not hiding behind alts. I won't buy MoP without a trial, so until they give out 10 day trials I won't be playing and they can't get my money.

What is being said is that you may have used it before the new paradigm for trials over the last year. If you wait to buy MoP until you get free time along with free content, well...see you next expansion. It really amazes me that some people are spending more time arguing about $15 than it takes to earn it.
If I remember correctly, I got free game time for both WotLK and Cata. It would be kind of silly if they didn't because anyone who is paying a monthly sub most likely bought the xpac anyway, so offering a free trial to only subscribers wouldn't make much sense.
i know nothing!
Sorry but you are reading it wrong. I know for a fact that I've used the Cata free trial on multiple accounts just a few months ago, definitely within the last year, when I was debating on coming back to the game after leaving during the start of Molten Front patch. I got the free time on each of them.

The FAQ says it won't extend your time. Meaning you won't get a free 10 days on top of your already paid time, basically you lose out on the free time for the trial if you already have an active sub. It's put in there so that people know they can't just get extra game time by using it.
I also remember getting a 10 day free a few weeks after Cataclysm's release. I believe I did the same in Wotlk as well.
Ahem, does anyone know when it will be available? People said Oct 2nd, but it isnt out yet, and it is Oct 2nd.
usaually takes 10-14 days. so between friday the 5th and tuesday the 9th.
usually takes 10-14 days. so between friday the 5th and tuesday the 9th.

Funny you say "usually".

The Burning Crusade released on 1/27/2007 and the free trial released on 4/19/2007.
Wrath of the Lich King released on 11/13/2008 and the free trial released on 12/18/2008.
Cataclysm released on 12/7/20120 and the trial released on 12/23/2010.

How does this make 10-14 days typical? o.O
They need the trial soon! I need to know if this game is worth buying!
Gw2 is still an option on the back up list if MoP fails
actually it was 12/16/2012 just 9 days after release
10/03/2012 09:11 PMPosted by Holyångel
Cataclysm released on 12/7/20120 and the trial released on 12/23/2010.

Where did you get that date from, it was actually 12/16/2010.
Not really sure why you're so obsessed with telling people they won't get 10 free days of game time if they don't already have an active sub, and even then it's not free because you are already on an active sub.

The point is that it's a free trial, which means anyone not currently paying for wow/not playing it/no active sub, can get a trial for free, for 10 days, to see the content. It's not giving you time, it's just giving you 10 promo days to play wow on the new content for those who are not playing it.

Much like all the other people here telling you different because they have experience in this matter, I too, had a 10-day free trial for Cata that I played while my account was frozen. So enough with the quoting of their FAQs because you obviously only pulled it out to look smart, but ultimately failed because you weren't educated enough on the matter.
I wish I could get some free time to see how everything runs now. Atleast 2 days would be good to see if I would come back and get the new expansion or not.
actually it was 12/16/2012 just 9 days after release


So where is it?
You do realize that new expansions don't come with free time, right? I never EVER got 10 days free time with any of the expansions i got. The only time you'd get free time is if there was some major downtime that interrupted your game play in a major way.

I believe what the OP is talking about is an actual MoP Trial. Perhaps it would be something worth suggesting over in General so as the Developers know that people are keen on trying out MoP before they buy it.

By the way, MoP came out on September 25th. However, i believe a Blue would have more insight than what any of us would.
Um really there was an actual 10 day free trial with all expansions that came out... Sure you dont get the time if your already paying for a subscription and have the expansion but the free trial has been there
09/25/2012 12:45 PMPosted by Orlyia
can i do the trial if my account is 'frozen'.?

There is no trial for Mists at the moment.

Ok, well can you provide any information as to when a trial for Mists will be available? Many of us are still waiting patiently (And some impatiently) at least for an answer.
yes i really wish they would tell us. its so annoying.
10/05/2012 07:58 PMPosted by Smokéy
yes i really wish they would tell us. its so annoying.

When it becomes available there will be a huge notification on the first page of this site :p

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