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Hi all,

I'm looking for a raiding guild who raids on Friday/Saturday 2pm CST (12pm PST.)
The change in my circumstances (new job) now interferes with my previous raiding guild time.

My raiding experience is as follows:

MC/ZG/AQ - On priest

Gruul/Mag/Kara/SSC/TK/Hyjal/BT/Sunwell - full completion on paladin

Naxx/Uld/ToC/ICC/Halion - Full completion on paladin

BoT/BWD/ToFW/FL/DS - Full completion on paladin

Since HM's in Uld I stepped down from my guild's main raiding guild of 4 nights a week to just filling in from time to time when I was able.

In Cata, the situation for a bunch of us changed (people started having families etc) and we started a one night a week 'Geriatrics' run. During Cata on one night a week only, we cleared about a quarter to a half of the HM's in all of the dungeons. I would honestly say we had the skill, but not the time to down more heroic content - but we could accept that.

I'm looking for a guild that can run at these times. I'm in Australia, I really want to raid and the US times I mentioned before are Sat/Sun morning here at 6am - I will get up for the raid!

My paladin has sentimental value and I want to leave him in my guild (he was created day 1 of TBC, the first day the Horde could have paladins) though I also have other characters who I would get ready for raiding:
85's - Hunter, Warlock, DK (tank or dps)
76 - Priest (who id be happy to get up to 90 for MoP raiding)

I would like to join a group focused on clearing content, but aren't hell bent on criticizing each other. I don't like drama, trade chat is in a different tab for me and I don't get involved in that stuff. I have played since 2004, and prior mmorpg experience includes Asheron's Call from 99 to 2004, GW2 the past month or so, Age of Conan for a bit on release in 08 , and other random free mmorpgs from time to time.

I'm a dedicated raider when raiding, research my role and the roles of others, read strats, watch videos, review combat logs to see where I can improve. My raiding characters are always prepared with the correct consumables, correct gems/enchants and I have vent/mumble for communication, which consists of me mainly listening and not clogging air waves when raid leaders need to be speaking. I have been in my current guild since the end of Vanilla where I have been a healing officer and joint raid leader for some content when I was able to raid 4 nights a week. Some personal milestones include developing healing strats/assigning roles through TBC content, leading ZA bear runs in TBC when it was hard, participating in many guild server first kills in Wrath, and the 'Geriatrics' 1 night per week conquests (where on the first night of raiding in Cata, we cleared more bosses faster than the main raiding guild!).

Thanks for having a read, if you are interested, or know of a guild who would be, please pass on a link to this and get in contact with me.


I'm looking to raid on either of these days (or both), I'm not fussed.

Also, if there are guilds that could fit me in that raid more than these times, please let me know.
Anyone interested?
Updated times - daylight savings here.

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